1. Absolutely delighted with Jim and his artistry and his professionalism!

    To whom it may concern, This is a endorsement of James J. Nance, sculptor, based on my close association with him in a professional capacity over a four year period. It is based on one completed major project and one that is nearing completion. These bronzes were basically full scale with the completed one measuring 12 feet by 6 feet and weighing over 1800 pounds. The one nearing completion is qui…Read More

    General Ronald W. Yates, USAF
  2. An artist/sculptor of the highest caliber with impeccable credentials.

    To Whom it may concern, Jim Nance just completed what was arguably the biggest single undertaking of his career as a sculptor and artist. The project included the design, fabrication, and mounting of twelve extremely large glass panels (biggest was 10 feet high, 4 feet wide, and 3 inches thick) with imbedded script and etched artwork plus the design, sculpting, casting in bronze and mounting of a …Read More

    General Howell Estes, III USAF (Retired)
  3. Ultimate Professional & Highly Talented

    To whom it may concern: I have had the pleasure of working with Jim Nance on a number of custom sculpture projects for the US Air Force Academy, and would strongly recommend him to anyone considering a sculptor for a major custom-designed project. Jim is the consummate artist and creative mind, yet always is focused on his client and the wants/needs of those commissioning him. He is extremely resp…Read More

    Major General Randy Jayne, USAF (Retired)
  4. A remarkable ability to effectively communicate from both the technical and artistic viewpoints.

    Dear Sir, It is with great pleasure that I strongly recommend Jim Nance to be the sculptor for the National Desert Storm Memorial. I have worked with Jim for over ten years. He is not only a world-class sculptor, but a superior person who displays the highest standards of integrity in every endeavor. He is a man of high character. I am an Air Force Academy graduate and retired Air Force Colonel. D…Read More

    Richard S. Rauschkolb Colonel, USAF (Retired)
  5. Reliable and True To His Word

    September 1, 2015 To Whom It May Concern: It is my honor to recommend Jim Nance as an artist and a professional. The Museum of Flight in Seattle, Washington, commissioned him for a bronze sculpture project in 2013 and every aspect of Jim's work has been perfect. His Vietnam Map sculpture is a wonderful addition to our world-class facility, viewed by more than 600,000 visitors every year. It's unus…Read More

    Mr. Doug King, CEO Museum of Flight
  6. His artistic expressions are exceptional!

    Letter Recommending Mr. James Nance, Sculptor Selection Committee Members, I am most pleased to recommend your selection of sculptor, Mr. James Nance. Mr. Nance has, in every regard, surpassed the performance of all other sculptors with whom I’ve worked throughout the past three years. His research is extraordinary. His artistic expressions are exceptional. Equally important, he understands the …Read More

    Mr. Al Burrell, USAF Academy Assoc. of Grads
  7. Highest Recommendation

    To whom it may concern: In 2013, I worked with Jim Nance to design and sculpt a bronze monument for the Southeast Asia Pavilion at the U.S. Air Force Academy. That pavilion honors those graduates of the Academy who served in that war in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. My veteran’s group – the Southeast Asia Forward Air Controller’s Association, selected me to serve as the project leader for thi…Read More

    Colonel Darrell Whitcomb, (ret) USAF
  8. Jim Nance is certainly among the best!

    Senior Vice President for External Affairs Personal April 15, 2006 (Recipient Name and Address Omitted) Dear Dan: I write upon learning that an artists' competition is underway for a commission to create a monumental bronze statue of Lincoln for the Old Dayton Courthouse, and that the sculptor James Nance has submitted a proposal for this work. I have known and admired Jim Nance's work for several…Read More

    Harold Holzer
  9. Moving and Meaningful Rendition

    To the Committee Chair Abraham Lincoln Club of Dayton To the Committee: It gives me great pleasure to write this letter recommending James Nance as the sculptor of the Old Dayton Courthouse's new Abraham Lincoln statue. I have known this artist for many years and I am a great admirer of his work. His Abraham Lincoln pieces are in my collection - The Frank and Virginia Williams Collection of Lincol…Read More

    Frank J. Williams
  10. Absolutely Delightful

    Dear Jim: I thank you for the promotion to "professor"....but I am an artist who writes about Lincoln, and has drawn and painted Lincoln since I was 12 years old...must hold a world's record by now, in the thousands, of Lincoln illustrations I have done. Two Lincoln universities have awarded me honorary Doctorates, but I do not have an earned degree. I enclose a brochure depicting some samples of …Read More

    Lloyd Ostendorf