I have been sculpting classical style realistic portraits for over 30 years and would be honored to create a one of a kind bronze sculpture to honor your unique heritage. A sculptural portrait commission is a very personal and unique endeavor; no two subjects are alike and no two commissions will ever be alike. If the portrait is posthumous or the subject is unavailable for a sitting, I have the experience to create a sensitive portrait sculpture from photographs alone.

Principals of portrait sculpture form the foundation of all sensitive and realistic sculptures of the human experience. Not only must a good portrait capture the likeness of the face it must also capture the spirit and character of the subject as interpreted through the eyes of the artist. If the portrait is a full figure sculpture, the individual’s unique body language, movement, and form must also be well defined. Close adherence to these principals will make the difference between a sensitive museum quality sculpture and an awkward dressed up department store mannequin with a caricature face. Even if the subject is a generic figure, an accomplished portrait artist will still work from a carefully selected model who displays the right characteristics. Bronze sculpture can be created in any size, from a life-size to monumental, and in any style from medallion, relief panel, classic bust, or a full figure.

Please contact me anytime to discuss your project in detail. I look forward to working with you.


Jim Nance