How To Care For Your Bronze Sculpture

When you commissioned your bronze art sculpture, it was beautiful and shiny. Over time, however, whether it is indoors or outdoors, you will need to take steps to help maintain its shine and appearance. At James Nance Sculpture Studio in Loveland, we want to provide the bronze art you want and also help you learn how to care for it. Continue reading to learn our bronze statue care tips, and contact our sculpture studio in Loveland for all your bronze art needs.

The Patina

The sculptor used chemicals and heat to create the unique patina on your sculpture. Patina is also the natural reaction that bronze has with atmospheric conditions, including humidity and chemicals. In order to prevent the patina from changing, the sculptor applied coats of wax, or laquer, to help protect it. Over time, the wax coating will wear off, which means that you need to make regular cleaning and waxing a part of your care routine.

Proper Care

One of the best locations to place your bronze statue is a location that has good ventilation and is protected from excessive heat and humidity. If you need to store it for a while, then you should consider renting a storage unit that offers climate control, as both basements and attics should be avoided.

Be sure to regularly dust your bronze art sculpture with a soft cloth, soft brush, or the brush attachment of your vacuum. If you notice that a greasy substance has started to build up on the statue, don’t start cleaning right away! Test a small area first by cleaning it with a mild soap and distilled water. Make sure that you rinse the area thoroughly and allow it to completely dry.


As we mentioned earlier, the bronze sculpture artist applied a final coat of wax as protection for the bronze material before you received the statue. To maintain the original beauty of your piece, you will need to regularly apply a thin, even coat of wax with a soft rag or brush. Depending on the area in which you live, you may need to apply the wax on a more regular basis to combat the effects of humidity. Make sure that you speak with your sculpture artist to see which type of wax they recommend using. There are some waxes and polishes that you’ll want to avoid, since they may contain cleaning agents that will turn your bronze art yellow over time.


In caring for your bronze art sculpture, you should make sure never to use abrasive polishes, brushes, or chemicals that could scratch and damage the surface. Varied patinas or colorings within the bronze should not be scrubbed, as they were part of the affect the artist intended. If you find that you enjoy watching the bronze react with the elements in the atmosphere and the beauty that comes from the aging of the patina, then simply allow the wax coating to naturally wear thin.

James Nance Sculpture Studio in Loveland is proud to provide highly-detailed bronze sculptures that honor the men and women of our military, historical figures, and more. If you are interested in commissioning a bronze statue, then be sure to contact our bronze art sculpture studio in Loveland today.