Since 1985, I have professionally photographed the works of many fine artists; especially those producing sculpture in all mediums. As an allied Professional Member of the National Sculpture Society, I am well versed in observing figurative sculpture, both in the round and in bas-relief.

Twelve years ago, I began to photograph James Nance’s works from his “Lincoln Project” including a photo of him with that body of work. It was easy for me to see that Mr. Nance did a great job of capturing the essence of this extraordinary man from my home state of Illinois. Jim “caught” the many important facial features and the various moods of Mr. Lincoln’s expressions. From my perspective, James Nance displays the results of much research into the character of his subjects with definitive ease. Recently I had the privilege of photographing his works on then president – elect Barack Obama. Both his medallions and his portrait busts captured the spirit of this history making individual. In fact, I was moved to purchase one of those medallions for display in our private art collection.

Having done business with Jim Nance for these past 12 years has allowed me to observe first hand, a competent, first rate professional with excellence underlying not only his work, but also in the manner in which he conducts his business. I feel that he is a man, an artist who I can trust. It is very easy for me therefore, to endorse and recommend him for any project that requires the traits I have mentioned in this letter.

Very Sincerely,

Mel Schockner

Mel Schockner