To Whom it may concern:

This letter is to serve as my highest recommendation of James J. Nance as an excellent portrait sculptor and professional sculpture designer for public and private commissions.

As a professional sculptor with numerous commissions and awards to my credit, I have been aware of and impressed with Mr. Nance’s portrait sculpture for about 12 years now. One of the things that impresses me the most, along with his uncanny ability to capture not only a likeness but also a feeling of life in his portraits, is the amount of research he conducts and his adherence to the strictest authenticity.

Living and working in Loveland, Colorado, which has what we consider to be the premier bronze casting community in the country, Mr. Nance has access to skilled professionals in every aspect of the bronze casting process, from miniatures to monuments. He has an excellent working relationship with all of the casting professionals and, though he has a through knowledge of and experience with the process, he can be confident that someone here will be able to solve any conceivable technical challenge that might arise during any particular project.

As one with very high standards concerning the production of bronze sculpture, I would have complete confidence in James J. Nance to fulfill any portrait sculpture commission with professionalism and exceptional artistic sensitivity.