To whom it may concern:

I have had the pleasure of working with Jim Nance on a number of custom sculpture projects for the US Air Force Academy, and would strongly recommend him to anyone considering a sculptor for a major custom-designed project.

Jim is the consummate artist and creative mind, yet always is focused on his client and the wants/needs of those commissioning him. He is extremely responsive, creating multiple initial examples, modifying and updating multiple draft versions, and providing his client with both layout proofs and “ready to cast” versions, and he does this smoothly and promptly.

I worked with Jim Nance on a particular project with over 30 “clients”, and his demeanor and ability to help us come to decisions in the face of differing opinions from among our group was outstanding. He was simply “on time, on cost” for our projects, and others I am closely familiar with involving similar challenges and creativity needs.

You will find Jim to be the ultimate professional, highly talented as an artist and creative designer and sculptor, but also very engaging and easy to work with. Best of all, the final products he has produced—and I am closely familiar with at least eight or nine of them—are truly beautiful and moving, just as his clients want them to be. Please call if I can offer any more insight or information, and again, you cannot do better than Jim Nance for a major creative sculpture project!


Major General Randy Jayne, USAF (retired)

Major General Randy Jayne, USAF (Retired)